Feedback from recent students and parents

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Mr Gibbon's personal and thorough teaching style has been without a doubt a deciding factor towards my being accepted to study Mathematics at Imperial. He is an excellent teacher and a life mentor who will undoubtedly guide any student towards reaching his/her full potential, inspiring confidence and ultimately excellence.

TP, IB HL student

Just to say Xxx got his A* in Maths – great news and he is delighted! Thanks so much for all your skill and hard work and encouragement.

Parent of a gap year A-level retake student

Xxx got an A* in A level Maths! Once again thank you for the timely help and guidance.

Parent of a Year 12 student

I know that Xxx wants to send her own thanks but in the meantime I thought you might like to know that she got an A in her Maths A-level and is extremely happy! Thanks for helping her enjoy her subject and sort out the complete muddle she was in when she first came to you. From then on, with your help, she worked hard at her Maths and her confidence grew. 

Parent of an A-level student

We are absolutely thrilled to let you know that Xxx got an A in Maths!! She is very pleasantly surprised. Thank you so much for the work you did with her and for giving her the confidence to give it a go and transform where she was after Mocks to an A. She got her place to study at university and we are delighted for her.

Parent of an A-level student

Thank you very much. Your professional teaching skill really helped Xxxx and now he has the confidence to win an A grade in the examination. Thanks again.

Parent of an A-level Further Maths student

Wow! There is no single word that would put into context how great David has been to me as a Maths tutor. The care that he puts into it and the extent to which he will strive to make sure you understand every question is second to none. I ended up receiving an A in every module at A-Level, and 98% in C2, which was definitely not possible without him. With David you get much more than just a Maths tutor. You can really connect with him due to his great ability to understand how to build self-confidence and to comprehend where people are struggling. In my opinion he has exceeded every expectation I had, having tried various other tutors.

MD, A-level student

Happy New Year! 2016 did really start with some good news - I still can't believe it! A 6 at Maths SL - what a huge improvement! I owe a lot of it to you and your amazing company. I really enjoyed having you as a teacher and a friend. Keep it up, you are really a great person. It was a real pleasure meeting you and I don't think I would have managed without you.

VDM, IB SL student

David Gibbon is an exceptional Maths tutor who very quickly understood what our son required and was able to get the absolute best out of him. Lessons were not only challenging but also fun making the whole round experience and extremely positive one. I would highly recommend David as a Maths tutor.

Parent of a GCSE student

David is an intuitive teacher. He understands the need to motivate and build self-confidence so that Xxxx looked forward to her lessons and worked hard to complete the papers she had been set, even during half term! We are so grateful for his support and encouragement and would highly recommend him to others.

Parent of a GCSE student

Xxxx is so much more confident and seems to really enjoy Maths now. His last scores were 97% and 87% which he was thrilled about, a far cry from his usual 67%. So, thank you so much for really supporting him in regaining his confidence and love of the subject; he is determined to do it for A level.

Parent of a GCSE student

Mr Gibbon transformed me from an average mathematician to a Maths prize-winner in less than a year. He is comfortable explaining both basic and complex concepts - in both areas his enthusiasm for the subject is plain to see, through his genuinely passionate teaching style.

MC, A-level student

For every topic or question I struggled to understand during my A-level maths, I went to David. For him, it didn’t matter how long it took, he would make sure that I always walked away completely satisfied with the topic. Regardless of how you learn or what makes you understand, David will be able to cater for this. If I didn’t understand at first, he would explain it from a completely different angle and if that didn’t work, yet another approach would be taken. Because of his help I ended up with an A in every single A-level module I took. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.

JB, A-level student

A month before my C1 exam, I was getting C's and making careless errors. Then Mr Gibbon stepped in. He helped me to organise my time, got me focussed, managed to stop me from making stupid mistakes, and on the day kept me calm. Come results day, I ended up with 96% in C1 and 98% in C2 and I only have Mr Gibbon's clear and concise explanations to thank for it. Thank you very much for everything!

OC, A-level student

I wouldn't have been able to do it without David. Others have tried to explain things but it just didn't click; David said it in a way I could understand.

IC, GCSE student

I am a former pupil of David Gibbon and I have nothing but praise for him. He turned my GCSE into an A* and gave me the confidence to carry on Mathematics into A-level. He provides clear and effective tutoring for all levels. You can't find better and hence I've decided to write this review. Fantastic!

GAJ, GCSE and A-level student

Nearly 12 years after you taught me Pythagoras' Theorem I actually used it a real world situation to install an antenna on my farm. Who knew Maths was useful? Also wanted to say thank you for all your help.

MH, former GCSE student, some years ago!